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Alex McCubbin

Alex McCubbin - Team Leader


Originally from Franklin, Kentucky, our #beardedtubguy decided to remain rooted in Bowling Green after meeting his wife and receiving his MBA from Western Kentucky University.  Alex decided to become a realtor last year after finding inspiration from his brother-in-law, Tony, and realizing that growing a beard overnight was a hidden marketing gem in the real estate world.


As a listing specialist, Alex can also remember a name after hearing it once, and will even juggle in front of your house for a Facebook promo.  His skills are currently being challenged with the birth of his twin boys, though it’s been declared in his top 3 most incredible experiences of his life.


Alex lives by the Golden Rule as a personal motto, and uses his large fear of rejection as a motivator to sell a home as quickly as humanly possible.  He enjoys long walks on the beach and hikes in national parks, but more importantly enjoys the lasting friendships with his clients that come from all walks of life.  



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